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Saturday, June 18, 2011

progress not perfection

It's official.  I have moved.  The move was torture. 

We decided to move ourselves which ended up taking a total of 6 days and was done during the course of a heatwave.  Did I mention that our new dwelling does not boast central air?  Did I mention that my husband did not install window units during the 6 day move?  I know, right?  I said it was torture and that was no exxageration!

The house looked like this when we moved in......we are talking piles and piles of crapola!  I mean I am not even sure what we packed and brought with us. 

Since the house did not come equipped with a dishwasher we ordered one before the move.  It arrived during the 6 day fiasco.  Naturally we had to take a hiatus from the cleaning up the mess we just created because we could not stand to have one more box in our way.  Tears of joy were shed at the arrival!  I scored a stainless steel Kenmore washer for $284 from Sears online.  We purchased a garbage disposal for another $109 when we picked this badboy up in the store.  Our appliance package came to under $400!! 
Once the dishwasher came home we got busy ripping out the corner cabinets.  My husband ran the electric and plumbing lines for the appliances.  We spent about another $100-125 on the electric and plumbing materials.  Still keeping our total under $550!!  

 Two days of sweat equity and a few hundred dollars left me with this:

We have since replaced the trim work in the kitchen in case you are wondering.  We have left no gaping holes.  After our dishwashing hiatus we intended to start getting busy unpacking the house BUT my husband's truck got stolen!!!  Right from his parking lot at work! He works in a corporate office with security that patrols the lot!  What the what????  Needless to say, this was an unfortunate event that caused a small setback in our plans.  We could no longer haul drywall and lumber freewheeling through town.  We also had to start to re-think the house budget if we had to include the purchase of a new car into our expenses.  Gah!

I am pleased as punch to report that his car was recovered already.  The tires and wheels were removed and placed in the back of the truck.  Why?  I have no idea.  They also stole one, not two, but one concert ticket,  a frisbee and some trash.  I am just happy that our large and in charge truck will be coming home eventually and that we can resume the remodel. 

As for now we have made some small progress. We are getting ready to paint downstairs and are unloading some furniture that tagged along for the move that we don't need.  Rooms are clearing out and we are actually able to walk through them.  By the way, did you see the amazing job my husband did re-storing the floors????

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