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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

independence celebration!!!

Is it wrong that I am still recovering from my fourth of July celebration??

I am truly wiped out from all the fun we had over the weekend.  Our little old town goes bananas on the we quickly realized.   The hubs and I were busy over the weekend framing out doorways and slapping up some paint in the dining room.  We also managed to move some respective pieces of furniture around, order some paint, order some samples of wood blinds and take down all the window treatments.  Oooops.  Yep.  It's hot as blazes out and the first floor is naked.  Let's hope that we can come to a definitive conclusion on wood blinds tonight. 

After all the mayhem and destructing of stuff, we got ready to celebrate independence day.  We thought maybe a parade, a cookout....keep it simple.  Holy guacamole.  We woke up 6 am to clean!!  6am!!!  Folks started arriving by 9am and we were off to the parade at 10am. 


A little grilling and chilling in between the parade and our next stop:  the soap box derby!  Kids build their own soapbox derby cars and race down the hill on Elm Street.  The street is set up for spectators and the cars are clocked with a digital speed counter at the bottom of the hill.  Seriously. Awesome.

One more stop home to get a cocktail and then down to the river we headed for the river raft race.  River rafts are once again a home made cocktail of bits and pieces from your yard and basement.  Sometimes they float.  Sometimes they don't.  Sometimes (true story) they put the river raft in the river and don't paddle but instead set up a WWE wrestling ring and calll their raft "let's get ready to rumble" and entertain folks with wrestling.  Again.  Seriously.  Awesome. 

Next year, we are planning ahead and having a party to commemorate this crazy ridiculous town goes bananas event.  You should stop by!!  Just look for the house on the corner with the liberty bell!!