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Thursday, June 23, 2011

craigslist obsessed

To say I am obsessed with craigslist is almost an understatement.  Rarely am I ever really on the interwebs anymore unless it is to scour craigslist.  Occassionally I pore over the ads looking for a specific item such as the vintage turned leg kitchen table I found for $30! 
I am enamored with old wood furniture, specifically anything with turned legs or pedestal bases....sometimes anything that is just real wood.   There is so much particle board furniture that it is refreshing to find an old, heavy piece of wood furniture that has probably been around longer than I have. 

Sometimes I have a flash in the pan thought about something.  Lo and behold I see that "something" on craigslist. 

Just last weekend, I was at my in-laws and was admiring the wood corner hutch in their dining room.  Our dining space has a somewhat awkward layout that makes fitting a dining table as well as a server somewhat cramped.  Corner are a dream.  Now whether you can actually fit serving plates in the corner hutch space is something else. 

I was once again browsing on craigslist for nothing in particular when I stumbled upon a spitting image of my in-laws' corner cabinet!  $60 and a truck is all I need to haul this 7 foot monstrosity home with me.  I now wait patiently for the boy to return from his business trip to show him my new treat!!

I have visions for my craigslist scores.  I'll share those shortly.  In the meantime, I am going to go scour the interwebs for a free boat or hot tub.  Those are always listed too!  I have yet to convince the mister that we need either of those right now.  Do you obsess over second hand scores too?  What have you brought home lately?

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Natalie said...

I've been DYING to redo a piece of furniture. However The Mister is holding me back.

There is a power sander at home depot just calling my name with some varnish stripper and fabulous paint.