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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

wood floor restore. check.

The initial estimate of both time and money spent to refinish our floors has doubled.  We went from a re-finish to a full on balls to the wall restoration.  It took 4 weeks of non-stop labor and about $1000 give or take to re-store the floors.  It took two weeks to rip out carpet, tile, staples and more, another 5-6 days sanding and another 5-6 days sealing the floors.  It was countless hours of manual labor but soooooo worth it.  What we were able to accomplish on our own for pocket change would have cost the price of our first born if we had to hire someone to do what we just did.  Granted, we didn't end up with professionally re-stored floors but heck we ended up with some damn fine good floors in 4 weeks!! Sadly I have no camera because I lost it in the hustle and bustle of feeling homeless and between dwellings in the past 4 weeks. 

That brings me to today though.  Today marks my one day off between projects.  While my floors are curing I am getting geared up to sprint through a packing marathon.  Tomorrow at this time, my furniture will be settling in to my other home.  Needless to say my packing and organizational skills are a bit lacking since I have spent the last month sanding floors.  It's time to get crack-a-lacking and start a-packing!!

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