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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

deceptive paint and a lowes fail

I broke out the plastic drop cloths, rollers, brushes and ladder this weekend.  I got down and dirty with my 2 gallon no name ceiling paint and the 5 gallons of SW accessible beige that I have stored in the basement.  Have I ever mentioned that this house was bathed in a high gloss white? 

I moved the furniture, unscrewed the 1970's curtain hardware, spackled, sanded and got busy.

I went from high gloss white to a somewhat deceptive greige.  What was supposed to be a warm beige tends to look slightly greige instead.  I had to double check my paint can to make sure I actually mixed up the right paint.

Well, I clearly had the right paint.  So maybe it is just the fugly green couch I have that is throwing off the room?  The couch has me dreaming and salivating over slip covers.  That is another issue all together though for a different time.

Once the hardware had come down from the windows,  the mister and I headed to lowes to pick up some wood blinds.  Being totally naive, I just assumed that you pick out your blinds and someone in a blue smock with the word Lowes written on it would then trim them right up.  I was right.  That's pretty much how it all went down. Well, except when we actually got home and hung the blinds.  That was a different story.  What I did not account for was the additional 3 feet in length that my blinds now have.  In fact, they are so heavy from the additional length that they cannot be raised.

please take note of the additional blinds resting on the sill. 
I also failed to consider that we were purchasing white wood blinds that were trimmed and would expose the raw wood.  I guess it wouldn't be terrible if that raw exposed wood was not scorched.

I could do without the scorching, the extra 3 feet of length and the almost $200 price tag for my blinds. 

It took some arm twisting and convincing my husband to take the blinds down and return them to Lowes but I managed.  Those scorched suckers will be making their way back to Lowes this weekend.  I will continue to consider my window treatment options since I am not sure that I love the wood blinds so much.  Does anyone have suggestions?

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