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Monday, March 21, 2011

modern vintage?

Is that even a style?  I have no idea so I am going to coin that phrase if it isn't already spoken for. I last posted that I was eyeing up the Ikea candy and was thinking of going sleek and modern in design. Well, no sooner did I type that than my husband said he thought we go modern vintage a la Congress Hall style. 

If you are not familiar with Congress Hall...let me introduce you.  It is one of my all time favorite seaside haunts.  A stately hotel from the 1800's that housed the presidents on vacation!!  It had taken a beating and was worse for the wear until a dynamic duo called the Bashaws came into town...think supergirl and superboy.  They renovated and remodeled top to bottom and left us with Congress Hall...vintage with a twist. 

The Bashaws also own and have renovated the Star Inn, The Chelsea, The Beach Shack, The Virginia and The Sandpiper Beach Club!!  Oh, how I would love to be related to the Bashaw family right about now. 

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