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Friday, March 18, 2011

modern love gets me to the church on time

a la david bowie....I have chartered new territory and found myself loving the clean lines of more modern furniture and minimalism.  Not stark "I have nothing in my house" minimalism but rather "I have chosen my belongings carefully" minimalism.  I took a trip to Ikea recently to look at the Edland line but it proved to be unloveworthy.  What I thought was black was gray and what I thought was metal was plastic.  Meh.  I passed.   While there though, I started to really appreciate the clean lines of the furniture and am thinking of adapting a more minimalist clean living space as opposed to the shabby chic furniture and tchotkes I have!  A modern line is the complete antithesis of what I currently own.  I had no idea that I even liked this furniture or style of decor.  Who knew??  But, I love it!!  In no particular order here is a sampling of some of the simple and clean lines of the Ikea brand that I am beginning to admire and wish to integrate into my dwelling!!!

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