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Thursday, March 3, 2011

everyone wants to be accepted

After multiple counter offers, we finally negotiated a price on the house.  It took only slightly more than a week to settle on a price.  At the time it seemed like it was indefinite.  I had reached the state of infinity.  The state that you learn about in math class in junior high and can never quite comprehend how one can ever calculate infinity.  When will it end?  Oh that's right, it doesn't.  It keeps going indefinitely. This is exactly how I felt during that week....that I somehow landed on the other side of the equation in the indefinite space of infinity.  Our counteroffers would somehow continue transcending time and space and we would be stuck in this continuum forever.  Lucky for me, I was only in infinity for about 10 days.  It was an ugly 10 days but it's all over now.  The offer was accepted and we are under attorney review.  3 days of attorney review with a weekend sandwiched in the middle....hoping that infinity doesn't rear his ugly head this go round. 

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