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Thursday, February 10, 2011

housework hell and other chores

Tonight I am trapped in housework hell while I run the dishes, do the laundry, make dinner, vacuum, clean the bathroom, take out the trash, sort the recycling, pay the bills and on and on and on and on. Tonight I vow to tidy up the house and tidy up my mind because I have been neglecting both.

I have been tied up at the office with long days of meetings, clients, inspections and other random visits from people that shouldn't be visiting.  Early to work and late to home make this suburban wife unhappy. 

Weekends and evenings have been reserved for this suburban couple to scour the real estate listings looking for homes.  We spend hours poring over demographics, taxes, crime stats and swim clubs.  Hours researching appliances, flooring, crown moulding, tile, etc.  All of this research barely leaves time for anything else.

Finding time for yoga has been a stretch.  I spend 16 hours on the weekend in yoga training.  During the week I am finding it extraordinarily difficult to carve out the time to practice.  Between the office, the house hunt and the chores I have barely had time to sleep.  This housewife needs a good savasana.

 With all of this activity and hustle and bustle around me, I am maintaining a mostly gluten free diet.  The supermarket is just one more chore I have had to carve time out for.  My stomach thanks me.  My bank account wants to divorce me.   That's enough blogging for now...back to housework grind for this housewife.

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