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Sunday, February 13, 2011

an era of wood panels

We went for a second showing of the house yesterday. It was imperative to see the house in the stark light that only daylight can provide.  Luckily for us, the daylight hours revealed no new surprises. The windows, roof and overall foundation of the house seem secure according to the naked eye.  What lurks beneath only time and a home inspection will tell.  

I brought the canon powershot along to snap a couple of pictures of the faux wood paneling that currently covers the walls of 5 rooms.  That's right...5 rooms are adorned in faux wood panels.  Four of the rooms have been painted and one still has the original log cabin look.  The kitchen and the bathroom have been covered in a half wall of wood panel.  The ceilings in several of the rooms have been tiled too.  Linoleum flooring has covered up the hardwoods in several rooms.  There will be many hours of ripping out paneling and flooring in my future. 

laundry room

teeny tiny powder room off the laundry room

muted salmon paint slapped on the paneling

pebbled linoleum flooring in laundry and bathroom

tiled ceiling

corner of linoleum


wood paneling ensconces the main bath

 more wood paneling

views of the neighborhood from the third floor

And so concludes our tour of today's home.  The house is in really good shape just dated.  It is an estate sale and seems to have been maintained well.  Updates seem to have been made to the home in the
 80's or 90's with lots of brass lighting, paneled walls, floral wall paper and linoleum flooring.  All easy peasy fixes or so it seems.  Wish me luck as we are waiting to hear back from the realtor on the area comps. 

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