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Monday, February 7, 2011

bitch in the kitch

I don't know if I have been convincing myself that I love this home in yachtclub town that I looked at on Friday night or if in fact I am falling in love with this home.  When I walked out on Friday night I felt a huge wave of disappointment.  The home was not all that I had imagined it would be.  Then the practical side of me took over and made a laundry list of all the positive points of said home.  Boy, did I come up with a lot.  I made a bullet point list of all the undesirables in the home and what I would change.

For instance, the kitchen is bathed in rose paint, wallpaper, corian counters...this is where rose goes to die.  The faux wood paneling and faux oak door didn't help the situation in the kitchen.  What you can't see is the floral border above the kitchen table.  I threw up a little in my mouth when in the kitchen.  The overwhelming rose turned my stomach and burned my eyes.

However, the kitchen is actually in pristine condition...not counting the rose overkill.  Take the above mentioned pictures with rosey goodness and picture something more like this.....

Some white paint, new hardware, subway tile, dark countertops, stainless steel appliances and we're in business.   The total transformation is possible without gutting the kitchen and staying within a budget.  The possiblities I am starting to envision within the plaster walls of this house are promising and make me hopeful that I could be taking up sailing by spring.

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