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Saturday, January 8, 2011

when being green is so, so wrong

courtesy of thorny questions

I have spent the better half of the morning looking for the charger for my battery camera.  I have the camera in hand and the lifeless battery too.  The battery where to be found.  Not in the basket where it was once housed safely in the kitchen.  Not in the camera bag.  Not in my husband's travel bag.  Not in the desk drawer.  Not around the desk drawer.  Not under the couch in the den.  Not on top of the filing cabinet.  Not on the kitchen table.  Not in the kitchen "junk" drawer.  All usual suspects have been cleared of possible charges. 

So where may this battery charger be?  Perhaps it is with the netflix movie that I once threw out with the recycling?  It is entirely possible that it made it's way into the trash.  Sometimes in my haste to clean up and reduce the craptasticness of what is around me I accidentally throw out valuable items. Sometimes I feel like I am the third member of Sanford and Son.  Except our junkyard isn't out front in the yard.  No.  Our junkyard is right here inside the house.  While I am whittling away all the uneccessary clutter, my husband stays quite busy storing items for future use....just in case.  For instance, the blackberry that I dropped in a cup of tea that no longer works.....well he saved it in case he needs to pull any of the components from it for his.  Even though he clearly knows the blackberry doesn't sits right here on the floor in the den.  In plain sight!! Along with the Elvis bobblehead doll that he brought home from Memphis that he can't part with.  Along with many, many more useless and broken and hobbled bits and pieces of items that we no longer need.  Many we never needed.
So the story goes....sometimes being green is so, so wrong.  Today is one of those days....

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