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Saturday, January 29, 2011

cape cod

I am referring to the cape cod home I toured recently....not the actual Cape Cod in Massachusetts.  Although if I could transplant the cape cod I looked at to the Cape that would be another story for a different day. 

My husband and I took a drive and toured an open house recently for fun.  Little did we know that we would actually fall in love with this little miniature house.  It's not much.  Just a tiny little 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath home with a huge backyard! They claim there is a 4th bedroom or office but it really looked like a closet to me.  Since it is an old home it had those teeny tiny closets that fit Barbie clothes.  Seriously.  There was not even enough room for my collection of t-shirts in those closets.  I digress though.  The house is a handy man's special with windows that need to retire, a grass driveway, beaten and mismatched wood floorboards, wallpaper in every room circa 1973, kitchen appliances via 1986 and some other gems odd gems. 

So in between catching up on all of my reading and braving the weather, I will be contemplating a move into an old home with an old soul.....

Swooning over the dormers.  Crying over the grass driveway.

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