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Saturday, October 22, 2011

forever after....

people keep telling me that this is not forever.  i think i am starting to lose faith.  it feels like forever.  it's only been 5 months but these 5 months feel like forever.  i am losing steam and losing faith right now.  i've never been homeless but sometimes i feel homeless....seriously.  i go to work, come home and feel like i am living in an abandoned house.  an abandominium.  i am still living out of boxes and bags.  my clothing is in 5 rooms.....5 rooms people!  i can't find my shoes or clothes half the time.  not one room is complete.  not even close to completion.  is anyone else in the throes of living like a hobo?  has lived like a hobo?  how did you cope????

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Natalie said...

My stove is currently living in the diningroom. The entire downstairs is a mess because of our kitchen rehab. I understand. Everything is out of sorts and I can't find a damn thing.