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Thursday, August 4, 2011

summertime and the living's easy....

Or so I've been told.  From the time I can remember, Memorial Day marked the beginning of the season of tiny clothing, fresh fruit, hot sun, cool water, sand, chlorine, concerts, cold beer (not when I was a baby!!), grilling, chilling and chillaxing.  Did I really just use the word chillaxing?

Yes, this fit the bill of most summers.  All but this summer.  This summer has met me at the door with non-stop heat waves.  A bajillion percent humidity matched by the overwhelming burn your skull rays of the sun on a daily basis.  So freaking hot you can't leave the house for fear of dehydrating immediately and turning into a little raisin. 

For several weeks I was sick and misinterpreted my symptoms as mere heat exhaustion.  Finally after being sick for days on end and not being able to stay awake or keep food down I met with my friendly doctor.  He ordered labs and thus the story began.  He tested my iron, thyroid, glucose, red and white cell count and hepatic function as well as epstein barr and Lyme.  Can you believe I tested positive for mono, lyme, low iron and low glucose????  Fo shizzle!  No wonder I thought I might die.

I am on my way to recovery with a few more tests to check of my to do list.  All matter of work in the house has ceased until I fully recover.  I am itching to get back to work though!!

Have you ever had mono or lyme?  Do the symptoms resurface?  How have you handled it? 

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