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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

post apocalyptic irene

irene arrived while I was tucked away in my bed this past Saturday night.  she was touted as as all things dangerous and life threatening.  she whipped into town on Saturday while I drywalled and left by Sunday afternoon.  i was none the wiser, honestly. 

with all of Irene's new found fanfare though I wanted to see exactly what this old gal was up to.  i took a walk down to the river to find the winds whipping like crazy and a man kayaking in the midst of post apocalyptic irene.  it was awesome.  i won't lie.
 my dog braved the wind with me.

if the boat is a rockin don't come a-knockin.

  crazy man kayaks in middle of post apocalyptic storm.

 beautiful park...still intact.

 tired and ready to roll....

 hope you stayed safe during the storm of the century.

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