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Monday, September 12, 2011

dropcloth slipcovers

we are still plugging away at drywall.  just a few thousand more nails to go.  i am sure of it. 

in the meantime, i have been obsessing over slipcovering the couch.  we have a 2 piece sectional.  it's green.  it has served us well for many years.  it was one of the first purchases papa smurf and i made together when we moved in many moons ago. it's really comfortable.  i won't lie.  in fact, papa and i can each lay down on our couch while watching a movie.  it makes for a very homey couch for snuggling on rainy days or watching freshly fallen snow while sipping cocoa. 

however, it is green.  i don't really like it.  i want a new couch.  i can't justify spending the money on a new couch.  there are about 95 bajillion other things to do with our money than buy a new couch.  oh...the thought has crossed my mind though.  several times. 

instead of a new couch, i settled on some $10 dropcloths from home depot and a $2 bottle of bleach!

somehow, i though that it was entirely possible to transform my 2 piece green monster into a svelte little baby like this!!

restoration house

i will sip some tea while bleaching and trying to locate my sewing machine which has gone m.i.a.  in fact, i'm really not quite sure that i ever had a sewing machine or knew how to sew in the first place.  wish me luck.  other bloggers make sewing slipcovers look so darn easy!

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